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Our simple mindfulness program for all ages (pre-schoolers and grown-ups alike!), Wongle Weekly Wellness provides images and prompts for daily mindfulness activities. Download the images and prompts and share one a day with students. They might like to create a nature journal to record their weekly wellness activities.

If you’re feeling a little out of sorts at the moment, you’re not alone! Time outside, in nature can increase our feelings of well being and have a restorative effect on our minds.
At Brewongle, we’ve been missing our students! We’ve created a way that we can interact: each day we will send a prompt for you to take #outside. Take a journal, or a camera, or just yourself and choose a spot that you can visit each day. Sit in that spot for 5-10 minutes and take some time to breathe and take in your surroundings.
Everyone’s surroundings will be different! And that’s a joy – we’d love to see what’s happening in #yourworldoutside so share by tagging us or by using the hashtag #wongleweeklywellness or the prompt for the day.
Today is Monday! The prompt is #isee 🔍 Find your spot, take a seat. Close your eyes and count to ten. When you open your eyes – take a look around. Tell us what you see! 🌧🍃🍄🏡🌅

Today’s prompt is #ihear 🎵 

Brewongle is a busy place in the mornings, there are lots of birds and insects singing and buzzing through the day. One of our favourite birds is a butcher bird – the name sounds off putting, but his song is beautiful! 

OK – Are you ready to #getoutside ? Today’s prompt is I Hear. Get comfortable and take a breath. Settle in and listen to your world. 

We would love to know what you hear! Share with us using #wongleweeklywellness and #ihear 🎵🧏🏽‍♀️🌇🌱🌊🚌

This one just might be our favourite prompt for#wongleweeklywellness. 💚 

Today’s prompt is #ifeel. Here is where you get to be as brave and as honest as you choose to be. Take your journal this time, or a piece of paper and pen and sit for a while in your #outdoor space. 

Draw a picture of your body- an outline from your head right down to your toes 🧍🏾‍♀️👩🏻‍🦼🧍🏽 As you sit, draw the feelings you have- you might feel the breeze across your arm 🍃 or the sun ☀️ on your face and if you have feelings inside your body, draw them, too! Use your colours and write the names of every feeling you draw. Remember,#allfeelingsmatter even when they’re very big or small! 

When you’ve finished your drawing, you might like to share it with us in the comments, or you might like to show someone you trust and encourage them to do it too! 

Everyone’s space will be different and that’s fantastic! The more time we spend with a place, the more we get to know it – and the more we get to know a space, the better we can connect. 

Today’s prompt is #inotice. In your spot, use your senses to tap into what’s happening around you. Some things might jump out straight away- like a tree or the sound of a bus. Noticing other things might take some time. Settle in, and if you’d like to share your experience with us, you might like to use a journal to write or draw and then share in the comments. Be well!

#iwonder what it would feel like to walk barefoot on the goanna trail right now! Damp, and squishy and maybe even a little bit slippery on the fallen leaves. There’s only one way to find out! Today’s prompt for #wongleweeklywellnessis I wonder… 

Have you found this week’s prompts useful? I know we’ve enjoyed spending time each day slowing down and learning more about our world outside. If you’ve been keeping a journal of the activities this week, or have some thoughts to share- we’d love to hear from you in the comments- I wonder what you’ll experience today!

This one is one for all ages. Today’s#wongleweeklywellness prompt is #icreate . 

It’s the weekend! We have a lot of projects we’re working on at home- and getting to all of those jobs we’ve been putting off until we had more time. That time seems to be here and we find ourselves with time to CREATE something we’re passionate about. Maybe that’s something #outside like a garden, or something you can build. Or maybe it’s something you can do #inside like creating an indoor fort, or a designer cake bake off! Or maybe… it’s something you can do in either environment- like creating an artwork, or sculpture, or something else entirely! 

Today is your day! Get creating!!

“Think left and think right, and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up, if only you try!” – Dr Seuss 

The last prompt for this week’s#wongleweeklywellness is #iimagine. It’s a beautiful sunny day here, the perfect day for watching the sky, seeing the clouds morph into one another or following the breeze. 

There’s no ‘activity’ here. It’s an opportunity to put our screens away, walk to our outside space and just Be. 

Well… what are you waiting for? There’s thoughts to be had! Why not try it now – Happy imagination Sunday!

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