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Brewongle Teaching Staff have a deep understanding of our content. We are all qualified and experienced teachers in either Primary or Secondary schools, and have specialised experience in a range of areas. We are happy to run professional development for your School Staff, either here at Brewongle or at your school (staff meeting, PD day, programming day). See details in the drop down menu from Teacher Learning above or contact us for details, pricing and dates.

Stage 6 Science Depth Studies Professional Learning

Non-Registered Course Code NR17205  – MyPL

(Non Government Schools please ring Brewongle EEC).

This course is designed for teachers of stage 6 Biology, Earth and Environmental Science and the new Investigating Science subjects. It is a face to face course at Brewongle Environmental Education Centre will support Secondary Science Teachers in programming and implementing the new stage 6 Science syllabuses.

Session One: Curriculum Expert underlines the importance and timing of inquiry based learning; explains the intent of  ‘Working Scientifically’ skills in the new syllabus and provides guidance on how to incorporate Depth Study hours and assessment into a Scope and Sequence.

Session Two: Brewongle EEC staff outline their tailored fieldwork investigation based on an environmental inquiry. Participants analyse the program and map the activities to elements of working scientifically and knowledge and understanding outcomes.

Participants are then taken into the field for a first-hand demonstration of working scientifically skills and knowledge and understanding outcomes that the students will be developing during their fieldwork.

Session Three: Using the support and resources provided by the EZEC staff, participants will work collaboratively to draft their own tailored program based on a Stage 6 Science module, incorporating a fieldwork-based depth study. They will also have the opportunity to draft a scope and sequence for assessment purposes throughout the Science course.

Contact us for information on 2018 dates.


Geography Programming

Support for your teachers at school

Brewongle Teachers have extensive experience writing Teaching Programs for the new Geography Syllabus from Early Stage 1 to Stage 5. We are available to spend time with your staff at school working through the syllabus to create engaging and locally relevant teaching programs in Geography.

These days have been very popular with school teachers and executive as a simple way to support teachers in an area they’re unfamiliar with and a new Syllabus. Teachers finish the session with a complete teaching program for a specific unit along with the understanding and confidence to use it. We can run this session in a half or full day per Stage.

Alternatively, we can support your teachers in a one hour session, unpacking the Syllabus and outlining the important Geographical Concepts, Inquiry Skills and Tools, before reviewing one of our existing Teaching Programs as a demonstration.

For more details, call us on 4579 1136.


Geographical Inquiry Process and Fieldwork

Registered Course Code RG01547 – MyPL

(Non Government Schools please ring Brewongle EEC).

This face to face course at Brewongle Environmental Education Centre will support Primary Teachers in programming and implementing the new Geography Syllabus from K-6. It will guide teachers through the Geographical Inquiry Process Skills and demonstrate a range of Stage-appropriate Geographical Fieldwork Tools to support students’ learning at school.

The course will provide teachers with hands on experience with a range of creative fieldwork tools and skills. In addition to showcasing a number of Brewongle’s Day Programs and specialist Geographical Tools, teachers will become familiar with creative Fieldwork Tools, iPad Apps and online resources to use with students at school.

This course is likely to be scheduled for Term 3 2018, however it can also be delivered as a closed event for a whole school staff.

For more details, call us on 4579 1136.


Integrating The Sustainability Cross Curriculum Priority

Registered Course Code RG00451 – MyPL

(Non Government Schools please ring Brewongle EEC).

This course contributes to 4 hours of Registered Professional Learning (approx 1 hour pre-course reading and 3 hours face to face)

We can run this course with your staff at a time to suit! This workshop can be run as a series of after school meetings. Click HERE for more details or call us on 4579 1136.



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