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Planet Ark and various other organisations are pulling out all the stops this year for National Recycling Week. You can register your school and involve your students in all the fun. There is a curriculum toolkit to help you integrate recycling into your lessons and a Recycle Rescue Game to keep everyone entertained among many other things. Get involved!

  Ever wondered what happens after you flush? If you live in an urban area then your waste will disappear down the pipes and you will probably not give it any further thought. Most likely your waste will travel to a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), then eventually it will end up back in our waterways. For most of the 15 or so STP’s in Western Sydney, the water will return from whence it came… Read More

     When you visit the supermarket – do you think about where your food has travelled from to end up on your plate? Do you know how it is grown? How much energy and resources are required to grow and move it to you? Are your oranges from California? Apples from New Zealand or China? Do you seek out local produce to reduce your ‘food miles’? The amount of energy and… Read More

Our brilliant sunshiney classroom for the day yesterday was the Hawkesbury River at Sackville North. Senior Geography students from Cherrybrook Technology High School enjoyed the winter sun and a pleasant 19 degrees as they assessed the health of our beautiful river. This program called River Ecology (Water for Living) has been running for the last 5 years with the help of the University of Western Sydney. They provide us with boats, monitoring equipment and expertise… Read More

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) seems to be the new thing to do on the water these days. At Brewongle we are used to more traditional sit down kayaking and canoeing, but last week we had a visitor on a major SUP adventure. Stuart Murray is currently circumnavigating the Sydney Basin on a paddleboard and he stayed with us at Brewongle on his journey up the Hawkesbury River last week. After starting his… Read More

  From the Sustainable Schools NSW latest newsletter Don’t let your students miss this opportunity to join thousands of Australian students clean up their school grounds or local parks. This year it will be on Friday 28 February. By registering with Schools Clean Up Day now, you can receive a Clean Up Starter Kit with event organisation advice and information as well as learning materials. Register now. Students can also enter the… Read More

We are extremely proud of our sustainability efforts here at Brewongle and are constantly looking improve our own practice as well as that of others. Shelley Brown is our incredibly talented admin manager and she runs Brewongle with military precision and incredible care for avoiding waste and recycling at all costs. She is now taking this with her to the community and has instigated a cool recycling program at the local basketball facility. What a… Read More

  “Think about it, why would you make something that you’re going to use for a few minutes out of a material that’s basically going to last forever, and you’re just going to throw it away. What’s up with that?” – Jeb Berrier (Bag It movie). The world uses 10 billion disposable plastic bags every week (let me just emphasise this!!!! it looks worse with all the zeros – thats 10,000 000 000!!) and… Read More