Brewongle Environmental Education Centre


Today is author day! Deborah Abela, James Roy, Suzanne Gervay and our writer in residence Simon French join us today to pass on their genius and help our young writers on their literary journey. Camp Diary, Thursday 4th September 2014 9.45 am: I am sitting now with the inspiring and dynamic Deborah Abela and she is making a cake…. Well she is using cake making as an analogy for writing. The key… Read More

48 budding young authors have descended on Brewongle for 3 days of creativity and fun. Schools have sent their best literary types to meet famous authors, complete writing workshops, write aplenty and enjoy the usual array of awesome camp activities. As I am feeling distinctly average as a wordsmith amongst this fine company, today I will post a photo journal. I may post some of the writing that emerges from the students… Read More

During the course of our three day young writers camp, many students collaborated to produce a story. It was a very impressive effort as they had little time and had to continue from where the last person left off. An ipad was passed around during break times and each writer contributed a paragraph to our evolving story. Read on to find out about shady characters, mutant mice, killer clowns and weird problems… Read More