Brewongle Environmental Education Centre


Geology has never held that much interest for me in the past, but my nerdy brain fires up with interest when geology can be related to the living things on our planet. The year 12 students of Stella Maris College Manly who visited us for a two day camp program discovered some interesting relationships between our local soils, geology, vegetation and wildlife. Being boffin earth and environmental scientists we conducted a soil profile… Read More

Not to be deterred by the weather, Castlereagh PS smiled all the way through our modified program. The rain came down all day, but students still discovered the many waterbugs, friendly lizards, worms and bush bugs around Brewongle. The ‘Story of a River’ was a hit as students discovered how a river can become a mess due to human interference. Thanks to Mrs McFadden and Mrs Lennon for bringing such a lovely bunch of k-2 students… Read More

Year 11 Senior Science from Hawkesbury High are becoming Brewongle junkies. After completing a river ecology day earlier in the year they came back for more last Friday. We travelled to our field site at Turnbull’s Lagoon and dug some dirt, hugged some trees and avoided the nasty bull ants. The students decided the Western Sydney Dry Rainforest was in fairly healthy condition with plenty of habitat elements. As an aside –… Read More