Brewongle Environmental Education Centre


What a day for the year 7 geography students of Tara. Perfect weather to use a myriad of geographical tools to asses the ecosystems of Brewongle. The forest was thoroughly examined by all students . We were impressed with the ability of some students to find north on the compass as well as test for soil pH, canopy cover and vegetation structure. They were also excellent at shooting each other in the head… Read More

Year 11 Senior Science from Hawkesbury High are becoming Brewongle junkies. After completing a river ecology day earlier in the year they came back for more last Friday. We travelled to our field site at Turnbull’s Lagoon and dug some dirt, hugged some trees and avoided the nasty bull ants. The students decided the Western Sydney Dry Rainforest was in fairly healthy condition with plenty of habitat elements. As an aside –… Read More