Brewongle Environmental Education Centre


In 1985, the year the movie ‘Back to the Future’ was released, I was a skinny red-headed 14 year old who was desperately trying to be as cool as I thought Michael J. Fox was at the time (I had a skateboard, walkman and wanted a Delorean). At the end of the film, the flying time machine zooms off to 2015 and that story becomes ‘Back to the Future 2’. “Roads? Where… Read More

Last year we attended an interesting conference on nature education. The keynote speaker Richard Louv discussed the problem of ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’. The premise of this is that our children are deprived of meaningful and lasting contact with nature and it is impacting on their lives in profound ways. With both school and home time dominated by many busy and varied tasks often using electronics, when do kids get out into the… Read More