Brewongle Environmental Education Centre


In this new video you can see all of our favourite wildlife captured on our various different cameras including Go Pros, remote wildlife cameras and a digitial SLR. Our resident male satin bowerbird is looking happy these days as he seems to have attracted a girlfriend to his bower….

There is something inherently satisfying about pulling out weeds – don’t you agree? Managing ecosystems is a tricky complex business, but pulling out and poisoning noxious problem plants like lantana is a real, hands on result orientated activity. You can see and measure progress and I swear I could hear the native plants sighing as we removed choking thickets of smelly, prickly lantana. Lantana is a garden plant (from South America originally) that causes… Read More

The year 9 students of Tyndale Christian School in Blacktown were treated to a plethora of arboreal delights this week. Using our nest box cameras they explored various habitat boxes around Brewongle for signs of life. During their testing they discovered four possums, some feathers, nests, goanna scratchings, animal scats, clean water and a healthy forest  The students were enjoying our Lace Monitor science program for stage 5. This program encourages students to gather data… Read More

Possum Magic Students from Hawkesbury High found a sleepy possum in one of our nest boxes today. The footage was taken using a Go Pro camera attached to a long pool pole. These are our unique ‘nest box cameras’!

We have some unique cameras on long poles that allow us to view the contents of nest boxes high in trees. Today we woke up a couple of possums! Cute aren’t they?