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After a day of creativity our campers still had the energy for some night activities. Their writing and acting talents were put to the test during a performance of Fractured Fairy Tales. Very impressive results for limited preparation time! I am trying to capture everyone on film, but some of our students are a little elusive and camera shy…

Our annual ‘Writers in the Environment’ camp has begun for its 19th consecutive year. We have a lovely bunch of students from schools across Sydney who have come to soak up some creativity, nature and writing tips from Simon French (our long time writer in residence), Danielle Chew (from Barnier Public School) and our visiting authors, Susanne Gervay, James Roy and Sue Whiting. Students enjoyed some workshops, writing time, dipnetting and a… Read More

During writers camp last week, students composed eco-mystery stories using iPads and an app called Book Creator. We were so impressed with their use of technology as well as the creative writing skills that emerged. A big thank you to Danielle Chew from Barnier Public School who facilitated these workshops. Here is a sample of some of the works produced in a PDF format. Well done to all the young writers involved!… Read More

After an intense day 2 of all things literary, we all headed up to our local oval to use up some energy. Students tried to master the art of throwing boomerangs, spears and woomera’s. The day was finished off with some games of soccer and cricket. After a hearty breakfast and another good nights sleep (amazing!), students enjoyed an Aboriginal Cultural talk from Wiradjuri Man – James Stephens. James is one of… Read More

We are so fortunate every year to entice some brilliant children’s authors out to Brewongle to pass on their talents to the students. This year is no exception with Suzanne Gervay sharing her compassion, passion and exceptional skills in connecting with students during her workshops. Richard Tulloch last visited us three years ago and it is such a pleasure to have him back. He is a world traveller and apart from his… Read More

The creativity was flowing into the evening of our annual Writers Camp. Our talented group of year six students created some “Fractured Fairytales” and performed them for everone’s amusement. We were so impressed with the acting talents of all these young writers. After much grinning and giggling, We devoured some supper and headed to cabins before the rain began. Many stories were told into the night – especially by the boys cabin,… Read More

Our annual “Writers in the Environment Camp” for year 6 writers is into its 25th year and our 2015 students are in camp and busy exercising their creative juices already. We hope to have a few ‘Eco Mystery’ stories ready to publish on this blog by Friday as our young authors try to marry technology (iPads and iBooks) with their creative writing skills. Students are currently engaged in workshops with our Writer… Read More

Today is author day! Deborah Abela, James Roy, Suzanne Gervay and our writer in residence Simon French join us today to pass on their genius and help our young writers on their literary journey. Camp Diary, Thursday 4th September 2014 9.45 am: I am sitting now with the inspiring and dynamic Deborah Abela and she is making a cake…. Well she is using cake making as an analogy for writing. The key… Read More

48 budding young authors have descended on Brewongle for 3 days of creativity and fun. Schools have sent their best literary types to meet famous authors, complete writing workshops, write aplenty and enjoy the usual array of awesome camp activities. As I am feeling distinctly average as a wordsmith amongst this fine company, today I will post a photo journal. I may post some of the writing that emerges from the students… Read More

What an inspirational three days we had with a creative and intelligent group of students from various schools who attended our 2013 Writers in the Environment Camp. This invitational program has been running for the last 16 years here at Brewongle and year 6 students immerse themselves over three days in all things literary and writing. We were very lucky to again have our writer in residence Simon French here for three days,… Read More