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I have just finished reading some thought provoking hand written letters from some of our nation’s best scientists. These were not analyses of data or the usual science abstracts but heartfelt, emotion filled letters about how they are feeling about climate change and our response to it. Read some of them here. The letters resonated with me as I have found myself feeling increasingly frustrated by our lack of response to the… Read More

I am officially just a conduit today. Below are a list of interesting sustainability and environmental links and ideas that have come across my screen recently. Enjoy. We also made it back safely from Broken Hill after our week of adventures in the Outback if you have been reading recent posts. The NSW Sustainable schools newsletter – great stuff on a whole range of topics. Australia’s Best Ecology Blogs on Facebook with… Read More

We experience plenty of warm fuzzy feelings while doing our jobs as environmental educators but yesterday began with a lovely and remarkable happening. We were welcoming year 8 students from Broken Hill and Willyama High Schools to our field site at White Leeds Wetlands with an acknowledgement of country (This is a way to give our respect to the traditional Aboriginal people of this land). Sue Saxby from Wambangalang EEC near Dubbo… Read More

Wall to wall blue skies, enthusiastic, skilled students and a beautiful wetland setting just 2km outside Broken Hill made for a brilliant day of outdoor studies. We met Burke Ward PS, Alma PS and Railway Town PS students, staff and parents for a day of “Dragon Diagnostics” at White Leeds Station. There is much more than just mining in Broken Hill! With Kellys Creek and some majestic but very young river gums… Read More

Our annual migration to western New South Wales is under way. We have just driven from the Sydney basin clean across this huge state of ours to Broken Hill. I love how NSW unfolds itself (literally) as you leave behind the creases of the Great Dividing Range and head into the west. Dubbo marks the last of any significant relief in the topography until you have paid your dues on the long… Read More

It is National Science Week and the noisy channel-billed cuckoos are about to return to NSW and the Sydney region during their yearly migration. They return to disturb our serenity and lay their eggs in the nests of other unsuspecting birds like the Currawong.  Scientists are predicting that our warming earth and changing climate will alter the migration patterns of these birds and we need help in tracking their movements. We need… Read More

This looks like the chance of a lifetime for any eco minded senior students you may have…. Know anyone in their senior years of high school with a keen interest in science conservation and adventure. Earthwatch is offering fully funded expedition positions available to students! Imagine spending a week in an amazing location around Australia with other teenagers finding solutions for a more sustainable planet. This is a unique, once in a… Read More

     When you visit the supermarket – do you think about where your food has travelled from to end up on your plate? Do you know how it is grown? How much energy and resources are required to grow and move it to you? Are your oranges from California? Apples from New Zealand or China? Do you seek out local produce to reduce your ‘food miles’? The amount of energy and… Read More

There is something inherently satisfying about pulling out weeds – don’t you agree? Managing ecosystems is a tricky complex business, but pulling out and poisoning noxious problem plants like lantana is a real, hands on result orientated activity. You can see and measure progress and I swear I could hear the native plants sighing as we removed choking thickets of smelly, prickly lantana. Lantana is a garden plant (from South America originally) that causes… Read More

        Book now to involve your students in this fantastic program to ‘bring back the bush’ to Western Sydney. A great day out where students will contribute to their local environments by planting habitat trees to help the return of native animals. Stream bank planting will help protect and improve water quality. I would highly recommend this excursion for your class, green team or leadership group. They provide and pay for buses… Read More