Brewongle Environmental Education Centre


I just love working with soil. Digging, composting, mulching and growing are pretty special activities on a sunny, cool autumn day. A little while ago I completed a Permaculture Design Course which led me to complete a design for the lovely Brewongle EEC. You can read my plans if you are interested here. We are now beginning the journey of permaculture and putting plans into action! Stage one for us was addressing… Read More

I do not normally drive into the city, as my commute usually involves some quiet country roads and a ferry crossing. However – I had to battle traffic on the M4 for two days. Madness! 90% of cars had one driver. It was gridlock. Why not catch the train, carpool or even better ride a bike! It struck me as ironic that I was driving to a sustainability event through a completely… Read More

Not to be deterred by the weather, Castlereagh PS smiled all the way through our modified program. The rain came down all day, but students still discovered the many waterbugs, friendly lizards, worms and bush bugs around Brewongle. The ‘Story of a River’ was a hit as students discovered how a river can become a mess due to human interference. Thanks to Mrs McFadden and Mrs Lennon for bringing such a lovely bunch of k-2 students… Read More