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I have just finished reading some thought provoking hand written letters from some of our nation’s best scientists. These were not analyses of data or the usual science abstracts but heartfelt, emotion filled letters about how they are feeling about climate change and our response to it. Read some of them here. The letters resonated with me as I have found myself feeling increasingly frustrated by our lack of response to the… Read More

A fantastic video from the students of Main Arm Public School on the north coast of NSW. They have been completing the sustainability action process as part of the Climate Clever Energy Savers program run by the NSW Environmental Education Centres. Here at Brewongle we have just approved grants for many Western Sydney Schools who submitted some excellent proposals to save energy in their schools.

If I were to ask you for the plant that sums up Australia, would you say…… gum trees? Is there another genus of plant that has so dominated our landscape other than the ‘Ubiquitous Eucalyptus’? How has this one group that has over 900 species (and still counting) become so adept at surviving the harsh droughts, floods, fires and poor soils of the Australian continent? After our recent spate of bushfires in… Read More

Arrived at work today to a downpour – what a great way to start the week! The weather station reports 12mm and says that it is raining cats and dogs! It makes our three day camp program that starts today a little more challenging but we will take the rain thank you very much. After many months without a drop and with ongoing bushfire risks this is a welcome relief. I hope it… Read More

My blogging has been a little haphazard of late due to time taken off work to fight bushfires. I have included some photo’s in this post that were taken at the State Mine Fire around Bilpin. I am sure we all know someone who has been affected by the recent fires – especially if you live in areas near major fires. There has been much talk in the media and on the fireground between volunteers (I might… Read More

Listen to Professor David Tissue as he explains his research at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment at UWS Richmond campus. A facinating experiment that is looking at plant responses to future rainfall changes as a result of climate change. These shelters allow reserachers to monitor and control the amount of moisture reaching the studied trees. This is the second video in a series that we have produced. You can view the… Read More

I love the idea of being able to contribute to scientific research anywhere, anytime. With the invention of smartphones and mobile internet real time recording of data is now a reality. When it comes to observations of nature, this is an invaluable tool. Climatewatch is a citizen science program that allows everyone to be involved in the monitoring of our flora and fauna. We know that species are having to adapt to… Read More

We are currently collaborating with UWS Hawkesbury campus to involve high school students in some of the amazing climate change research that is being undertaken at Richmond. I will feature three of the main experiments over the next few posts. Brewongle tested our documentary making skills by interviewing the researchers and filming on site at the University. Each of the videos showcases one research area and will be used as a pre-visit task by schools to familiarise themselves with… Read More

Hello campers! We had a top bunch from James Erskine visit us last week, with some more arriving tomorrow. The students exhibited their teamwork and problem solving skills on day one as well as building some speedy solar and bottle rocket cars. Enjoy the gallery of photos and video.

Big skies and long open roads led us back from Bourke to Nyngan as the Outback Outreach Environmental Education show continued on its journey through the west. We loved the friendly people, warm weather and wide skies in all the places we visited and Nyngan was no exception. We managed to drive through sunset without hitting any kangaroos or wild goats on the road between Bourke and Nyngan and after a rest overnight… Read More