Brewongle Environmental Education Centre


Spring is in full blooming happiness this year at Brewongle. It has come early due to a warm August and all the flora and fauna are in busy reproduction mode. The bloodwoods, callistemons and pittosporums are in full bloom as are many other plants. The reptiles are out including a local eastern water dragon and a bandy bandy snake. The birds are the noisiest and busiest by far of course. We have a pair of grey shrike-thrushes… Read More

What a day with Penrith South! The students uncovered a multitude of bugs in the bush and in our ponds today and gave us a good health scorecard. They also enjoyed looking at our grey shrike thrush babies and found a possum sleeping in one of our nestboxes! I will be placing the video of the baby birds and some teaching resource information on birds in an upcoming post.

We were visited by 2 very friendly king parrots last week (the beauties). These ‘traffic light’ coloured birds are often found in lovey dovey pairs with the male showing a blazing red head (the only Aussie bird to have this). The female does not need this display of colour and bravado and has a soft green dome. King parrots require deep tree hollows to make their nests and hence love forests with old… Read More

It was an avalanche of excited little people here today. 70+ year 2 students descended on Brewongle to discover the secrets of birds, water bugs and schooling in 1878. We were impressed with their enthusiasm, stories and ability to avoid falling in our ponds! How many tadpoles did you catch? It was amazing to discover that we could be quiet while searching for birds and some groups saw honeyeaters, fantails and finches. Great… Read More