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A fantastic video from the students of Main Arm Public School on the north coast of NSW. They have been completing the sustainability action process as part of the Climate Clever Energy Savers program run by the NSW Environmental Education Centres. Here at Brewongle we have just approved grants for many Western Sydney Schools who submitted some excellent proposals to save energy in their schools.

It is National Science Week and the noisy channel-billed cuckoos are about to return to NSW and the Sydney region during their yearly migration. They return to disturb our serenity and lay their eggs in the nests of other unsuspecting birds like the Currawong.  Scientists are predicting that our warming earth and changing climate will alter the migration patterns of these birds and we need help in tracking their movements. We need… Read More

This looks like the chance of a lifetime for any eco minded senior students you may have…. Know anyone in their senior years of high school with a keen interest in science conservation and adventure. Earthwatch is offering fully funded expedition positions available to students! Imagine spending a week in an amazing location around Australia with other teenagers finding solutions for a more sustainable planet. This is a unique, once in a… Read More

     When you visit the supermarket – do you think about where your food has travelled from to end up on your plate? Do you know how it is grown? How much energy and resources are required to grow and move it to you? Are your oranges from California? Apples from New Zealand or China? Do you seek out local produce to reduce your ‘food miles’? The amount of energy and… Read More

We were excited to discover last week that the School of Ants Australia project is now up and running through the University of New England in Armidale. As we are total nature nerds here at Brewongle we lept at the chance to partake in some citizen science about ants. As I write this I am monitoring our experiment outside. The benefits of a laptop and a wifi connection mean that I can multi-task… Read More

The Year 11 Biology students from Norwest Christian College captured some interesting critters on our remote sensing wildlife cameras over the last week. Can you identify everything? We would love any help from you especially with the various small mammals. The students were interested in any food sources or competition for the spotted-tailed quoll (Dasyurus maculatus). Post a comment with your list of everything they ‘caught’ to help them with their assignments!

A friend of mine Dr Kelvin Montagu from Colo Consulting has some interesting ideas about how we should manage conservation efforts into the future. He has written a thought provoking article for the ABC about how city and country people should link and share the responsibility for managing our landscapes into the future. I met Kelvin while helping out with a Landcare group we are both involved in called the ‘Willow Warriors’. I help… Read More

I recently blogged about another citizen science project for schools that was only available to limited regions in Sydney called Birds in Schools. Read the blog here. The good news is that this program is expanding to all schools in the Sydney region – so jump in to get your students involved in some more great citizen science. See the attached flyers. Birds in Schools A4 flyer – orange with link (S)… Read More

Spring is in full blooming happiness this year at Brewongle. It has come early due to a warm August and all the flora and fauna are in busy reproduction mode. The bloodwoods, callistemons and pittosporums are in full bloom as are many other plants. The reptiles are out including a local eastern water dragon and a bandy bandy snake. The birds are the noisiest and busiest by far of course. We have a pair of grey shrike-thrushes… Read More

What a classroom we had on this brilliant blue crisp morning in Bourke. The Darling River was meandering by as we were joined by students from the Distance Ed program and the outlying small schools. The older students took to the water to learn some kayaking skills and discover what makes a healthy river. It was a picture perfect morning as they paddled and waved to the passing paddle steamer. The littler kids… Read More