Brewongle Environmental Education Centre


Earthkeepers is an old world, mystical ecology program for Stage 2 students and some little munchkins from Boronia Park are now well on their way to becoming Level 1 Earthkeepers after completing our 3 day camp. We were impressed with their energy and enthusiasm and can see that they now have a broader understanding of how humans and natural systems rely on each other. Thanks so much to our parent helpers and… Read More

Early this week we had a moving and special day. We journeyed with Aboriginal students and staff from Arthur Phillip HS, Blacktown Girls HS, St Clair HS and St Mary’s Senior to several rock art sites in the NW Sydney region. We offer thanks to the Darug Community and Elder Aunty Edna Watson for giving their permission to enter and view these sites. Our guide for the day was Erin Wilkins –… Read More

In 1985, the year the movie ‘Back to the Future’ was released, I was a skinny red-headed 14 year old who was desperately trying to be as cool as I thought Michael J. Fox was at the time (I had a skateboard, walkman and wanted a Delorean). At the end of the film, the flying time machine zooms off to 2015 and that story becomes ‘Back to the Future 2’. “Roads? Where… Read More

Incredibly hot here today. This is one obvious consequence of climate change – more hot days. We can expect many more days like this. I am hiding inside today and the sandstone walls of Brewongle are keeping me cool. How are some of our local birds handling the heat? Well most of them have swapped flying for swimming. Here are a few snaps of some of our regulars trying to cope with… Read More

A quick mental health check for all teachers – How are you going? It is the end of the year, report time, exam time….. brains are frazzelled and our patience can be…. thinning. On top of the usual teaching duties (teaching, planning, meetings, counselling, extra curricular stuff, sport, playground duty, homework, parents, other staff, assessments, marking, marking, marking – am I close?) many of you would also be programming for the new… Read More

A new visitor to Brewongle that I am dubbing ‘Traffic Light’ has us a little stumped as to its name. We think it is a scarlet honeyeater (Myzomela sanguinolenta) but would love confirmation from any other bird nerds out there. It was about 8-10cm long.

From the latest Birds in Backyards newsletter – time to get bird watching!: Aussie Backyard Bird Count Join Birds in Backyards and BirdLife Australia to celebrate National Bird Week 2014 by taking part in the biggest citizen science project to hit Aussie shores. The Aussie Backyard Bird Count is almost upon us! From October 20 to 26, go out into any patch you count as your ‘backyard’ and tell us what birds… Read More

Australia has an estimated 15 million feral cats that each kill around 5 native animals per night. So 75 million of our precious native creatures are being killed every night. Have a read of this article on the ABC website by researcher Euan Ritchie. He has some solutions that include the reintroduction of top predators like the dingo. And remember to keep your domestic cats in at night – as they can… Read More

Wall to wall blue skies, enthusiastic, skilled students and a beautiful wetland setting just 2km outside Broken Hill made for a brilliant day of outdoor studies. We met Burke Ward PS, Alma PS and Railway Town PS students, staff and parents for a day of “Dragon Diagnostics” at White Leeds Station. There is much more than just mining in Broken Hill! With Kellys Creek and some majestic but very young river gums… Read More

Our annual migration to western New South Wales is under way. We have just driven from the Sydney basin clean across this huge state of ours to Broken Hill. I love how NSW unfolds itself (literally) as you leave behind the creases of the Great Dividing Range and head into the west. Dubbo marks the last of any significant relief in the topography until you have paid your dues on the long… Read More