A Local Ecosystem/Local Environment – Stage 6

Before the excursion

Welcome! The information on this page will help you complete the tasks required before and after the excursion in your Biology worksheet or Senior Science Worksheet

We want you to assume the role of environmental consultants and we would like to contract you to assess the Local Ecosystem at Brewongle EEC. We are interested in finding out if Brewongle has the required elements to support a population of the Spotted Tailed Quoll. The Quoll is classed as an ‘Endangered‘ animal nationally.

Please visit Google Maps or Google Earth to obtain a birds eye view of Brewongle EEC at Sackville North, NSW. You will need an understanding of land use patterns and the surrounding landscape in your assessment.

It is essential to understand your target species. The presentation below will help you fill in the table on page 4 of your booklet.


After the excursion

You can view your data and other historical Nest Box survey data on the Hollows as Homes website. This may provide you with an idea of animal distribution.

Recent and historical camera trap footage can be viewed on our YouTube channel and flora and fauna observations of Brewongle EEC can be seen on the Atlas of Living Australia website. The fauna observations may assist you as evidence of food for the target species and shows animal distribution.

New nest boxes – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bfQJLC_asxb33kKZCf9pmK6Gjbk&usp=sharing

After you have completed your data collection during your excursion to Brewongle EEC, you will need to complete all evaluation questions and calculations of means and ranges in the worksheet (means and ranges optional for Senior Science). Finally, completing your conclusion questions and recommendations will prepare you to write your report/assesmment task.

Download the Assessment task- quoll

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