Stage 6

NEW S6 Sciences: AUSMAP Citizen Science with a Depth Study

AUSMAP-Logo (2)The Australian Microplastic Assessment Project is a national collaborative project, collecting invaluable data on the presence and type of microplastic in Australian waterways and oceans. Students will conduct fieldwork on microplastic, macrolitter and environmental parameters in the Hawkesbury River to add to the AUSMAP database. Complete units of work for Investigating Science and Earth and Environmental Science are available for this excursion. Visit the excursion webpage for more info, worksheets and tasks.

DoE Schools: $15/student       Non-DoE Schools: $20/student

Downloads:   Inv Sci Flyer   EES Flyer    Risk Management    Student Worksheet     





Year 11 Biology: Ecosystem Dynamics with a Depth Study

DSC_0102 (640x424)This engaging and authentic depth study and excursion addresses the syllabus inquiry question “What effect can one species have on the other in a community”. Our focus will be the relationship between the endangered Spotted Tailed Quoll and introduced Red Fox. Pre and Post visit as well as an assessment task can contribute to a 9hr depth study task. Visit our excursion webpage to complete these tasks.

DoE Schools: $15/student       Non-DoE Schools: $20/student

Downloads:   Flyer    Risk Management  Student Worksheet   Assessment Task     Excursion Webpage




Year 11 Geography: Biophysical Interactions – Checking the Pulse of Hawkesbury River

Kayaking_BrewongleEECYour students will be river ecologists for a day and discover field methods used to assess river health. Students will use state of the art equipment to monitor plankton, paddle the river in kayaks and collect water quality data. This excursion will be popular! Maximum 48 students/day.


DoE Schools: $20/student       Non-DoE Schools: $25/student

Downloads:         Flyer    Risk Management  Student Worksheet  Excursion Webpage




Year 11 Earth and Environmental Science: Module 4 – Human Impacts & Depth Study


Using an inquiry based approach with optional depth studies extension, this excursion addresses the inquiry question “How do introduced species affect the Australian Environment and ecosystems?” with a focus on the red fox and its impacts at Brewongle EEC. Students will utilise cutting edge field work techniques including Camera Traps and Nest Box fauna surveys. Students can utilise our excursion webpage to assist with a 9hr depth study.

DoE Schools: $15/student       Non-DoE Schools: $20/student

Downloads:    Flyer    Risk Management     Student Worksheet     Assessment Task     Excursion Webpage     







A note on our prices: As a NSW Department of Education school, we are subsidised to offer discounted rates to DoE students. 

Flat fees apply for groups of less than 10 students:

DoE Schools with less than 10 students: $150       Non-DoE Schools with less than 10 students: $200






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