Stage 5

*NEW* Geography: Sustainable Biomes


An engaging fieldwork program that allows students to explore the permaculture elements of Brewongle EEC. Students will learn geographical tools, concepts and skills to answer two key inquiry questions. Pre and post excursion work provided. We can cater to large student groups! Visit the Excursion Webpage for more details.


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*NEW* Geography: Environmental Change and Management

Aboriginal axe grinding grooves

Aboriginal axe grinding grooves

The aim of this Geographical Inquiry is to investigate the natural environment at Brewongle EEC, Sackville North and to discover how environmental change can be managed over different time scales. Designed to cater to large numbers, this is engaging fieldwork based excursion has a focus on indigenous land use and current geographical fieldwork tools. Pre and Post student activities provided.

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Science: Stage 4 & 5 – Ecology

 Is the lace monitor under threat within the forest of Brewongle? Students will work scientifically to determine the ability of the forest to support a population of lace monitors. Utilise our wide range of field testing equipment. Read about previous excursions via our blog.

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Science: Stage 5 – Climatewatch – Authentic Citizen Science

flame-robinThis engaging, challenging real life science investigation is perfect for your motivated stage 5 class. Created around the new Science syllabus to enhance your in school teaching programs. Students will discover how species react to climate change and collect first hand data using the latest technology including GPS units and iPads. This data will contribute to our societal knowledge of how species are adapting to our changing climate. Navigate around our climate watch trail and see what you can discover!

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