Our secondary programs utilise both on and off site locations and can be tailored to suit your needs. They will suit both new and old NSW curriculums and can be accessed via the links to the left. Camping programs are also available via the Camping tab.


Agriculture field workThe field studies outlined below have been designed to complement the NSW Agriculture Stage 6 syllabus. Generally two farms per day are visited.  The centre usually arranges visits to plant and animal enterprises.  Tours take 1 – 1½ hours at each farm.

Farm tours are available to:

  • An alpaca farm at Tennyson
  • A citrus orchard at Grose Vale
  • A winery at Ebenezer
  • A pig farm at Ebenezer
  • A fruit and vegetable farm at Richmond

The above farms can be utilised as the Farm Case Study (Preliminary Course) or the Farm / Product Study (HSC Course).

alpaccaThe field study covers:

  • The agricultural workplace
  • Farm management
  • Marketing

Ecologically Sustainable Practices are also included in each farm tour.

Costs will vary depending on the farms visited.


Local Ecosystem

spotted tailed quollStudents take on the role of environmental consultants at one of our study sites;

Either the Open Forest at Brewongle    or

Western Sydney Dry Rainforest (an endangered ecological community)

Your role is to determine whether the local ecosystem could support  a population of Spotted-Tailed Quoll (Dasyurus maculatus) at Brewongle  or

Powerful Owl – ‘Ninox strenua’ Western Sydney Dry Rainforest

powerful owlThis authentic and rich first hand investigation includes;

  • Transect studies
  • Data collection of physical and chemical characteristics of the forest
  • Distribution and abundance
  • Habitat assessments and human impacts
  • Adaptations and interactions
  • Use of data loggers, wildlife cameras and other leading scientific tools.