Tawny Tragedy

Welcome to the Tawny Tragedy Excursion page. We need you to learn all about a special bird called a “Tawny Frogmouth” so you can help us solve a mystery!

Sadly, we have a had a death in our wildlife family here at Brewongle and we need you to help us solve the crime.

We’ve developed a worksheet to help you conduct your investigations:

SciTech Worksheet (St 2)    |   SciTech Worksheet (St 3)    |   Geography Worksheet (St 2)


Please read the Police Report in your worksheet to establish the facts of the case and answer the Tawny Tragedy Pre-Visit Questions on your worksheet.

Watch the video below, and use the provided links to answer the Pre-Visit Questions on your worksheet.

After you’ve visited Brewongle and conducted investigations to solve the case, we’d like you to help us save other native animals by completing the Tawny Tragedy Post Visit Activities. These are things you can do at school and at home which will really help protect Tawny Frogmouths and other native animals in their habitat.

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