Stage 2

History – First Contacts – Aboriginal Education

­DSCF2705 (640x480)The Darug people have occupied the Western Sydney region for more than 22,000 years. Darug culture is connected to the country, people and to the spirituality of the land. With the eucalypt forest as the setting students will learn about the importance of Country and Place to the Darug nation, they will also discover their tools, food, culture, art and music. Read about previous excursions via our blog.

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Community & Remembrance – History Inquiry: ‘Barefoot Lawrence’

DSC_0005 (2) (640x424)A big history investigation and a mystery story all rolled into one.

Old buildings carry old secrets. Investigate the mysterious happenings that took place in Sackville Reach Public School over 100 years ago.  Students use historical concepts and skills to solve a mystery of old bones that has baffled locals for decades. Was there really a creature in the valley below the school all those years ago? Read about previous excursions via our blog:

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Geography (The Earth’s Environment) and Science & Technology (Living World)

Tawny Tragedy: A Geographical Inquiry, Scientific Investigation and mystery all rolled into one.

Brewongle needs a CSI team! A terrible crime has been committed and you have been assigned as the chief investigator. Students are presented with information regarding the mysterious death of a Tawny Frogmouth. They must conduct a thorough investigation into the three essential components for life – water, food and shelter. Read about previous excursions via our blog and view Pre- and Post-Visit activities and resources here.

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Incursion – Creative Arts & SciTech: PhotoVoice

DSC_0134 (1024x678)Use your lens to make a statement! This innovative, technology driven and creative incursion will engage your students to tell a story about the environment around them using iPad’s and photography. They will discover the skills needed to take a quality photograph and tell a visual story. Edit your PhotoVoice and share to watch it go viral!

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Incursion – Creative Arts: ART – environment – sustainablity

DSC_0085 (530x800)View the environment through the eyes of an artist! This hands on workshop conducted at your school will engage your students in art skills like printing, paper making, 3D installations and photography.

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Incursion – Science & Technology: Biodiversity

5Your students become Schoolyard Entomologists and learn how to increase biodiversity at school! This program will creatively engage students when they find a folder belonging to Entomologist Dr Bernie Bracken in their classroom.

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