Reptile Recon. & Where is Nessy?

Welcome to the Reptile Recon. and Where is Nessy? excursion page. On this page, you’ll find some resources and activities to support your students’ learning on their excursion or incursion.

We’re Going on a Lizard Hunt

HEADER-2Take students on a schoolyard safari to search for lizard habitat before recounting and mapping what they saw. Make some binoculars from cardboard rolls. Take the class for a short walk around the school. Stop at 4-5 places along the way and discuss features including:

  • Long grass for lizards to hide in
  • Bushy plants for lizards to hide under
  • Warm sunny rocks for lizards to bask on
  • Logs or buildings for lizards to shelter under
  • Gardens full of juicy snails and bugs for lizards to eat
  • A pond or puddle for lizards to have a drink.

Back in the classroom, recount the walk and create a map.

Activity adapted from


Storybooks to Engage Students and Support Learning

  • ‘Pink Tongue, Blue Tongue’ by Mark Gagiero
  • ‘What Do You Do When Something Wants to Eat You?’ by Steve Jenkins
  • ‘Diary of a Wombat’ by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley
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