Checking the Pulse of the Hawkesbury River

Welcome to the pre-excursion page. These resources will help you complete the pre visit tasks on page 3 of your worksheet.

This excursion will immerse you in the needs of Deerubbin (Darug name) – The Hawkesbury River. We want you to be river ecologists for the day and collect data to assess the health of the river. This excursion involves kayaking so you will need to bring a change of clothes for paddling and a towel. Wetsuit shoes or old shoes are mandatory for kayaking, so ensure you have these too!

Kayaks 2

Now view the PREZI called “The Catchment Times”

Prezi image (935x478)

Read the PDF file  Natural Resource Management Issues


Extra Resources:

Worksheet – Senior Science & Earth and Enviro Science

Worksheet – Senior Geography

Algae ID sheets

Sample Assessment Task – From Rouse Hill HS

Sample Assessment Task – Galston HS

Analysis of Hawkesbury Nepean water quality – Pinto (2012)

Streamwatch Aquatic Macro Invertebrate Guide

Web links:

Hawkesbury Nepean River Watch – Harwest by WSU






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