Stage 6 Resources

Stage 6

Pre visit tasks for “Checking the Pulse of the Hawkesbury River” Excursion.


Spotted-tailed quoll resources

Download the fact sheet put together by the Department of the Environment:

This is the NSW government fact page on the quoll:

The Australian Ecosystems Foundation is a non-profit conservation organisation based near Lithgow in NSW and currently have a project centred around the Eastern Quoll:

Senior Science

Water for Living – related to our ‘Checking the Health of the Hawkesbury River’ field study.

Some excellent videos from the University of Queensland on water quality testing

Clip Name: Introduction to Monitoring Waterways
Clip Name: RARC how and why?
Clip Name: Measuring Turbitity
Clip Name: Rapid Appraisal of Riparian Condition – Setting up the site
Clip Name: Identifying water bugs
Clip Name: How to take a waterbug sample
Clip Name: Water bug care
Clip Name: Using probes to test EC, pH and DO
Clip Name: How to take a water sample


Earth and Environmental Science


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