Stage 3 Resources

Stage 3

Science and Technology


10 week  Unit of Work – Healthy Waterways and Urban Water Management

A project based inquiry unit of work on stormwater developed for Blacktown City Council utilising the Sustainability Action Process. Download our free iBook from iTunes or the iBook store.

IMG_1529IMG_1515 (640x480)

Here are the accompanying teacher resources:

Stormwater Management 10 week Unit of Work – Program

Working Scientifically Stormwater Audit Scaffold

Working Scientifically – Stormwater Audit Recording Sheet

Working Technologically WSUD Design Task Teacher Overview

Working Technologically WSUD Student Scaffold

WSUD Proposals Priority Organiser

Evaluation of WSUD Recommendations

Sustainability Action Process Diagram

Streamwatch Aquatic Macro Invertebrate Guide


Eco Foodprint

Eco Footprint unit of work for the new curriculum – a fantastic teaching resource developed by us for Penrith City Council. Includes a program and all teaching resources.

Download the program here: Eco Footprint Unit of Work

Watch the video on Eco Footprints:

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