Aboriginal Education Resources

Our Aboriginal educators:

Erin Wilkins – Aboriginal Cultural Educator  Darug Custodians                email: darug.education@gmail.com    0424 398 792

Chris Tobin – Darug Cultural Educator and Artist: 0405 013 526

Other local contacts and companies:

James StephensAn Indigenous Experience – ph: 02 9673 1520      mob: 0457 770 305

Flinn DonovanA Didgeridoo Experience – email: fdade@live.com    Ph: 0452 480 040   02 47318984

PDF Downloads – help yourself!

Indigenous Ecological Knowledge:

Bush tucker plant list

Plant use in South East Australia

Bush Food Garden Design with Species List

Policy Documents

NSW EZEC Reconciliation Action Plan 2016

AET Policy Cultural Education

National Aboriginal & TI Education Action Plan 2010-14

AET Policy An Introductory Guide

Teaching and Learning

Aboriginal perspectives in teaching – NEW!

Presentation – Shirley Gilbert UWS

Aboriginal Nations of the Sydney Basin

Schools Reconciliation Challenge e-Kit 2012

Traditional Indigenous Games

William Dawes Notebook of Aboriginal Language (6 MB)

Aboriginal Education K-12 Vol 1 (23 MB)

Aboriginal Education K-12 Vol 2 (8 MB)

How the Kookaburra got its laugh story as told by Uncle Wes Marne (Darug Elder): Why does the kookaburra laugh?

Web Resources:

Videos on Local Darug rock and cave art sites.

Reconciliation Australia – videos from Ab Ed training day 13/11/14 (that we did not see!).

Henry Parkes Equity Resource Centre – a fantastic array of resources for DEC staff only.

Dharug Dalang – a fantastic Dharug language website.

The Notebooks of William Dawes – The Aboriginal Language of Sydney

First Footprints – an ABC documentary:

ABC splash – Learning Dharug language

NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc

What Works – Improving educational outcomes for Aboriginal students

Connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with Australian Government policies and programmes:

Speak soft, speak sure: an Internet unit about the acceptance of difference.

A Shared History – Teaching Aboriginal perspectives in the NSW Human Society & Its Environment K-6 syllabus

Royal Botanic Gardens teaching resources – useful plant ecology and indigenous uses.

My Place For Teachers – resources around the book by Nadia Wheatley and the TV series

Aboriginal Cultural and Education Centre

Indigenous Astronomy – Stories From the Sky.

 Indigenous Weather Knowledge – Bureau of Meteorology

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