About Brewongle

Ever wondered if your actions will change the world?

We believe that acting sustainably and walking softly on our earth are the responsibilities of every individual.  Sustainability means providing enough for all living things now and forever. The Darug Aboriginal people of the Sydney region were experts in sustainability and managed this land for thousands of years. They had an intimate knowledge of ecosystem relations and did not overuse the abundant natural resources available to them.

The centre supports schools with curriculum implementation across a range of key learning areas.

The centre designs and implements relevant and contemporary teaching and learning programs within the context of the natural, cultural and built environments. There is a strong emphasis on student centred/inquiry based learning programs utilising a range of current information and communication technologies.

Integral for the creation of sustainable futures is to develop school communities as leaders in sustainability. The centre’s support of school communities ensures that they have the knowledge skills and motivation to effect and manage positive change within a local and global context.

We hope that visiting our centre and following our blog page will inspire you to take action with your classes, families, business and friends to change the way we live and interact on this planet.

We are located in the forest above the rich Hawkesbury River valley at Sackville North about 25 minutes from Windsor.

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2015_Brewongle Annual_Report

2016 Annual School Report

School Plan 2018-2020

Annual Report 2017 – Brewongle EEC

Brewongle EEC 2018 Annual School Report


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