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Ever wondered if your actions will change the world?

We believe that acting sustainably and walking softly on our earth are the responsibilities of every individual.  Sustainability means providing enough for all living things now and forever. The Darug Aboriginal people of the Sydney region were experts in sustainability and managed this land for thousands of years. They had an intimate knowledge of ecosystem relations and did not overuse the abundant natural resources available to them.

The centre supports schools with curriculum implementation across a range of key learning areas.


“Gday Steve,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for having us at your AMAZING school!
You really have something special there mate and you and your team are perfect for it!
You guys are so easy going, caring and understanding and made us feel so comfortable and welcome!

Your outdoor classrooms are fantastic, and the way you have linked all your Enviro areas together is truely inspirational Steve! The tawny lesson the kids did today was BRILLIANT in linking everything!! Genius!!

Honestly mate, I’m still buzzing from the camp and can’t thank you and your amazing team enough!

Our kids have been dealt a pretty rough hand in life and the way you and your staff were with them was amazing! So patient and understanding and very encouraging which these kids respond so well to! So thank you all for making some unforgettable memories for our kids too. They were all beaming when their parents/careers came to pick them up this arvo. The cool and funny stories were being swapped around from child to parent/career and they were all laughing and excited!
The excited smiles on the kids faces combined with the proud smile on their parents were absolutely heart warming to see… and that’s all thanks to you amazing people!

Can’t wait to be their again with another bunch of great kids for you all to inspire!

Thank you so much for everything!!

Luke Giblin
Cambridge Park Public School”

“Hi Steven,

Thank you so much for having us over the last 2 days. The students had an absolute ball and loved spending time at Brewongle. We have also received very positive feedback from parents this morning. Staff also had a great time and enjoyed the 2 day experience that the students had. 

Thank you again!

Kind Regards, Kristen Maginnis

R/. Assistant Principal (Stage 2 & 3) Wentworth Point Public School”

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