New Draft K-6 Science Syllabus

Are you aware of the proposed changes to the current NSW Science and Technology K-6 syllabus?

The Board of Studies (BOSTES) is proposing to re-write the syllabus from scratch. Why is this change occurring? Will it create a major headache for you in re-programming? (as some of us have just finished programs for the last ‘new’ syllabus)

Please join me in having your say about this as the Draft directions document is now up for comment:

Complete the survey here: before the end of August.

This document shows a vast change in direction from the previous syllabus and I have many questions that I hope BOSTES will answer at the next consultation meeting in Sydney. Consultation dates are via this link (many have already passed by…)

These are some of my first glance thoughts.

  • Some of the changes include a removal of sustainability and sustainable futures language. The sustainability cross-curricular priority is seemingly missing. I hope this will be re-instated.
  • Both skills of ‘working scientifically’ and ‘working technologically’ seem to be replaced by an ‘enquiry and design process’
  • The living world topic has a new focus on primary production rather than ecology.

I would strongly encourage everyone to take the time to read the document, form your own opinions and comment via the survey, or attend a consultation meeting.



4 Comments on “New Draft K-6 Science Syllabus

    • Hi Chris, thanks for reblogging and highlighting the need for all of us to look closely at these changes – Steve.

  1. Hi Steve
    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read about this a few weeks ago. They certainly are keeping us on the hop!!! I will definitely take the time to have a look. Thanks. Deb R

    • Thanks for the comment Deb and make sure you find the time to read and comment! – Steve.

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