Writers Camp 2015 – Student Eco-Mysteries

During writers camp last week, students composed eco-mystery stories using iPads and an app called Book Creator.

We were so impressed with their use of technology as well as the creative writing skills that emerged. A big thank you to Danielle Chew from Barnier Public School who facilitated these workshops.

Here is a sample of some of the works produced in a PDF format. Well done to all the young writers involved!

The case of the ringtail possum

The Fungus

The great eco mystery

The Legend Of The Kangawullafox

The Poisonous Berries

The Scarlet Fox

The Three Big Mistakes

What I Saw


A Snap into Life

An Eco Mystery


Deep Scratches

Do Birds Eat Paint

Eco Mystery (1)

Eco mystery EED

Eco Detective No Birds

Into the dark

Mr Walter ‘s evil plan

Mysterious disappearance of the blue wren

Mystery Spirit of the Sea

The Black Widow

The Bushland Telegraph

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