Earthkeepers with Boronia Park Public School

Earthkeepers is an old world, mystical ecology program for Stage 2 students and some little munchkins from Boronia Park are now well on their way to becoming Level 1 Earthkeepers after completing our 3 day camp. We were impressed with their energy and enthusiasm and can see that they now have a broader understanding of how humans and natural systems rely on each other.

Thanks so much to our parent helpers and teachers Angie and Josh for putting in the hard yards over the three days to give the students the best possible camp!

Enjoy the photos and I hope that the students discover the final meanings of E.M. in their studies back at school.

If you would like to run Earthkeepers at your school please see the program details here.


2 Comments on “Earthkeepers with Boronia Park Public School

  1. What a fantastic time you all must of had. The secret meaning of EM…now there is a mystery…

    • My favourite part of Earthkeepers is Brad’s little pipe cleaner man. Still going strong.

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