Writers Camp Day 3 – Aboriginal Culture and Eco Mysteries.

After an intense day 2 of all things literary, we all headed up to our local oval to use up some energy. Students tried to master the art of throwing boomerangs, spears and woomera’s. The day was finished off with some games of soccer and cricket.

After a hearty breakfast and another good nights sleep (amazing!), students enjoyed an Aboriginal Cultural talk from Wiradjuri Man – James Stephens. James is one of our regular Aboriginal Educators and we were all very privileged to soak up his knowledge and stories of Aboriginal culture.

After morning tea, students continued their writing journey with Simon French and Danielle Chew. I managed to capture some writing on film for you to read below. The stories from the iPads will be published next week after we troubleshoot some technical issues! Thank you to all our budding young authors for attending camp and good luck in the future!

4 Comments on “Writers Camp Day 3 – Aboriginal Culture and Eco Mysteries.

    • Yes – we will have some writing up hopefully today or tomorrow. Thanks for the positive comment and reading!

  1. This camp is such a special experience with our bush, culture, linking to land and creativity with adventure and friendship. CONGRATULATIONS.

    • Thanks Susanne – and it is made all the more special thanks to you and the other authors who support the program each year!

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