Writers Camp Day 2 – Here come the authors…

DSC_0104 (1024x678)

We are so fortunate every year to entice some brilliant children’s authors out to Brewongle to pass on their talents to the students. This year is no exception with Suzanne Gervay sharing her compassion, passion and exceptional skills in connecting with students during her workshops.

DSC_0095 (1024x678)

Richard Tulloch last visited us three years ago and it is such a pleasure to have him back. He is a world traveller and apart from his excellent books he also writes a great blog that is well worth a read. Richard had the students madly writing and sharing in his workshop today.

DSC_0091 (1024x678)

Pamela Freeman has also returned to Brewongle this year and the students were enjoying her expressive style and  creating a story that involved a unicorn when I popped into the workshop for a look. Pamela also showcased her percussive talents during a music session at recess.

This impromptu music session had us all clapping and tapping. Thanks to the students who joined in and tried out their guitar and drumming skills!

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