Writers Camp Day 1 Evening Shenanigans

The creativity was flowing into the evening of our annual Writers Camp. Our talented group of year six students created some “Fractured Fairytales” and performed them for everone’s amusement.

We were so impressed with the acting talents of all these young writers. After much grinning and giggling, We devoured some supper and headed to cabins before the rain began. Many stories were told into the night – especially by the boys cabin, but most were snoring and dreaming by 11pm. This is very impressive for first night of camp!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy the photos and there will be more to come – as Day 2 is our famous author day with Suzanne Gervay, Pamela Freeman and RIchard Tulloch. Even as I write, students are ensconced in workshops and soaking up the creativity!

2 Comments on “Writers Camp Day 1 Evening Shenanigans

  1. Thank you to all the wonderful staff for such a warm welcome yesterday. Looks like a very entertaining evening was had by all – judging by the look on all those smiling faces. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Hope they got some rest and are full of inspiration and creativity today.

    • Hi Sharon, thanks for your kind words. The students did seem to sleep well and are now enjoying the author workshops. I am looking forward to reading some of their work. Glad you enjoyed the photo’s – there is more to come. – Steve.

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