Hawkesbury Environmental Educators Meeting – Term 3

You are all invited to attend the next Hawkesbury Environmental Educators Network (HEEN) meeting. The meeting will be held at Penrith Lakes Environmental Education Centre on Wednesday 19th of August starting at 3.30pm.

Please see our webpage for more details on HEEN.

You can download the invitation here: HEEN Meeting Invitation PLEEC.

Look forward to seeing you there! Afternoon tea will be provided.

2 Comments on “Hawkesbury Environmental Educators Meeting – Term 3

  1. Hope to get there and perhaps you may like to know of some research I did into the heavy metals of Xenostrobis securis as part of my hons to my ecotoxicology M.Sc. at UTS. Or about HABs that can cause shellfish poisoning although my speciality is ciguatera fish poisoning.(or perhaps T4 if the agenda is crowded). I used to be the AST at Freshwater HS (after Sue Lennox formed her India rivers group) in the 90’s where I wrote an OAS senior science course Environmental Science with NSW env. trust grant.

    • Hi Mark, That all sounds brilliant and we would love to hear about your work .If there is not time at this meeting – maybe we could schedule you to present at the next one? Steve.

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