Start a “Revolution” – watch this with your students

We are big on project based and authentic learning here at Brewongle EEC. A new film called “Revolution” that is available to watch online may help spark student driven environmental projects in your school.

Revolution is an exhilarating and hard-hitting full length feature film from award-winning Sharkwater filmmaker Rob Stewart. Not only does it shed light on crucial environmental topics and how we can save the planet, but he shows how past world events have taught us what we need to do to save the future”

“Revolution is not just about the environment—it’s a film about hope and inspiration. It’s a call-to-action with an uplifting message that tells us it’s possible to alleviate the damage already done. It’s time for a Revolution!” – Movie promotion material.

Movie poster

I have never been asked to review a film before and I was a little chuffed when an email from the filmmakers popped into my inbox asking for my appraisal. Just let it be known that I am no film critic, just a humble green blogger! Watch Revolution and see what you think. Oh and just so you know – I watched it twice it was so good. You can view it here (you will need to rent or buy):

The best (and worst part) of this film is that it is all true. It will arm you and your students with knowledge of many of our global problems and especially how our oceans are changing due to climate change. You will travel from the Galapagos Islands to New Guinea, Madagascar, Canada’s Tar Sands to the White House. I was particularly inspired to learn about the skills of a little known cephalopod called the Flamboyant Cuttlefish (it has 8 arms, a beak, serrated tongue, tentacles and is smarter than a cat. Oh and it can also change it’s colour in an instant and is impervious to ocean acidification).

Flamboyant Cuttlefish

I would challenge you all to watch this movie with your students, friends and family. Brilliant cinematography and incredible ocean scenes are woven through the personal and global story by the director Rob Stewart.


Revolution is an adventure story that pretty much covers the huge mess we are making of the planet. It is in no way a doom and gloom movie though and the film left me uplifted and filled with promise for a better future. The power of the young people in the film is hard hitting and the interview with a young man called Felix Finkbeiner (yes that is his name!) is not to be missed. Here is the full interview with Felix.

This film will move your students, encourage discussion and I hope it will drive them to take action. There is a whole stack of education resources to go with the film and you can follow the links below to find them and others on the Revolution website.

Ocean Acidification


Climate Change


Save the Humans


2 Comments on “Start a “Revolution” – watch this with your students

  1. Hi Steve that looks loke a good source of movies. Do I have to join to find the price of the movies. Are you an affiliate? Mark Attwooll Principal Rumbalara Environmental Education Centre Donnison St Gosford ph 43247200 fax 43237451


    • G’day Mark, I am not sure how the movie player works – I got to watch it for free as a blogger. When I followed the links I posted in the blog it came up with a movie player and an option to rent or buy for about 5 bucks. I am guessing you will need to join to watch it? Let me know how it goes. Steve

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