41 degrees and the birds are swimming

Incredibly hot here today. This is one obvious consequence of climate change – more hot days. We can expect many more days like this. I am hiding inside today and the sandstone walls of Brewongle are keeping me cool. How are some of our local birds handling the heat? Well most of them have swapped flying for swimming. Here are a few snaps of some of our regulars trying to cope with the sweltering conditions. Gary and Sharon the mating wonga pigeons are staying close to the ponds, Traffic Light the scarlet honeyeater is happy to share the bird bath with other honeyeaters and the eastern spinebill’s are all for swimming.

4 Comments on “41 degrees and the birds are swimming

  1. Ecosystems under stress. In an El Nino event, when it is bone dry, lots of things will succumb. We just don’t know how many things are hitting the wall under extreme conditions.

    • You are right Doug – anecdotally I am noticing changes – like tree ferns dying in areas where they previously survived – one or two extra hot events may cause a tipping point in stress on an organism. I guess Climatewatch may provide some evidence of changing distributions, mating patterns, flowering times etc as time goes on.

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