We came, we saw, we composted…. Youth Eco Summit 2014 #yam #YEcosumm14

I do not normally drive into the city, as my commute usually involves some quiet country roads and a ferry crossing. However – I had to battle traffic on the M4 for two days. Madness! 90% of cars had one driver. It was gridlock. Why not catch the train, carpool or even better ride a bike! It struck me as ironic that I was driving to a sustainability event through a completely unsustainable and crazy transport system.

Picture thousands of enthusiastic, interested and keen to be green students, teachers and providers mingling under the sun at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush. This is the annual Youth Eco Summit, a showcase of curriculum based sustainability ideas, activities and sharing over 2 days.

The NSW Environmental Education Centres and many other providers were out in force to inspire students and teachers to act and teach in a way that will enable a sustainable use of our planet and it’s precious resources. If you needed ideas to implement the cross curriculum focus of sustainability in your teachings then this was the place to be! From composting, wormfarming, sustainable houses, energy use, solar power, growing food, native animals, transport, agriculture, international links, video conferences – it was a smorgasbord of ideas.

Brewongle ran workshops on healthy soils. We loved seeing students getting their hands dirty and eating our produce. They discovered first hand what makes a great soil for growing. The answer? PLENTY OF COMPOST! A rich soil full of organic matter will contain the micro critters, fungi, nutrients, water holding capacity and chemistry that enable plant growth.

Students could then pop next door to build a worm farm with Longneck Lagoon EEC and talk to Eric Brocken from the Hawkesbury Earthcare Centre at UWS Richmond campus and learn how to make wicked compost. Thanks to the Earthcare Centre for providing free seeds for schools to take and plant in their own vege patches.


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