Water pistols and tree planting – Mt Druitt Tute is beaut!

Female spotted pardalote

Female spotted pardalote

When you spend a lot of time in a patch of bushland, you become familiar with all the plants, birds and other wildlife. It has been a joy to watch our little section of Shale Sandstone Transition Forest (a critically endangered plant community) change from a thicket of weeds including lantana, bush tobacco, wandering jew and swiss ivy into a more ‘native’ state. Pardalotes are still nesting, native plants are popping up where there was once thickets of lantana and the bush seems to sigh with relief every time I venture in.

DSC_0014 (1024x678)Of course we have the students and staff from Mt Druitt Tutorial School to thank for much of this. They have been visiting us most of this year and have transformed our bush. Thanks again guys!

With the help of experienced contractors from Blue Tongue Ecosystems and money from a federal grant our regeneration journey continued last Friday. We are now up to replanting some of the missing shrub and grass layer. We were kindly given 100 thriving natives (all from local seed) by the Hawkesbury Community Nursery (Thanks Jutta!) to plant in our newly lantana free sections.

A mechanical auger saved us some sweat by digging the holes (it was 38 degrees!) and we planted the seedlings with a lot of love, water crystals, worm juice and water. Many of the plants were named by the students – a nice touch! As a reward for all our hard work, we broke out the water pistols and had a good water fight to cool us down!

You can see the difference from these before and after photos.





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