Bursting with new programs for your students.

Brewongle staff have been busy preparing a range of new incursions, excursions, camps and teacher professional learning – check out the links below to book for this term or next year.


Stage 2 & 3 Creative Arts and Science. Two programs involving art, technology and the environment. We come to your school, provide all the equipment, expertise and activities. Linked to the new syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum.

Excursions to Brewongle EEC:

Stage 4 & 5 Science. Two innovative programs that will engage your students in authentic citizen science and real life ecology programs. All designed around the new syllabus for the Australian Curriculum.

Climatewatch Citizen Science is a first hand investigation into how local plant and animal species are responding to climate change. Use technology and contribute data to a national citizen science project!

Adventure Conservation Day Program or 3 day Camp is a partnership with NSW National Parks & Wildlife, Landcare and local bush regeneration contractors. Students will kayak the Hawkesbury River and discover first hand how to manage our waterways.

Aboriginal Education Teacher Professional Learning

Thursday 13th November 2014

Venue – University of Western Sydney Discovery Centre, Richmond Campus.

‘Place, People, Pedagogy’: A Story for all Learners aims to build teacher cultural competencies to incorporate the new learning cross- curriculum priority Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures into teaching and learning.

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