Pandora? Who was she and what has that got to do with Brewongle?

DSC_0012 (678x1024)Many of our plants are in full bloom at the moment and none more so than the magnificent Wonga Wonga Vine that is draping it’s white/purple bloom all over a very tolerant Port Jackson Fig tree. Wonga Wonga Vine is a native climber known as Pandorea pandorana. The name derives from Pandora – who in Greek mythology was the first human woman created by the gods. She also opened a box or jar apparently and caused quite a bit of trouble….

According to some sources, the stems of Wonga Wonga Vine were highly sought after by indigenous people of the central and western deserts to use as twine in spear making when long branches were unavailable. Using the twine, two short lengths could be spliced together. The vine inspired Judith Wright to pen a poem entitled ‘Wonga Vine’ and call it her ‘white waterfall’. It certainly is cascading from the sky today.

DSC_0015 (1024x679) DSC_0011 (1024x678)

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