Caring for our Brewongle country

Once again we are indebted to the lovely students and staff from Mt Druitt Tutorial School for their bush regeneration efforts last Friday. Perfect cool weather allowed us to continue lantana removal in our patch of critically endangered Shale Sandstone Transition Forest. Angus, Kyla and Emma from Blue Tongue Ecosystems came along to lend a hand and provide tools and expertise.

We came across some amazing incidental wildlife sightings including an old ringtail possum drey, two spotted pardalotes building their underground nest, a brush-tailed possum and our cute little shrike thrushes nesting again. The awareness and appreciation of nature by the students gave me hope that the next generation will look after our natural resources. We hope to see the students back here next term when we begin to replant some of the species that are missing from our patch of bush. Thanks to the Windsor to Weir funding which has now allowed us to remove lantana and plant native species along the Hawkesbury River below Brewongle and also begin work up the banks on Brewongle land.

Enjoy the photos!

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