The birdies are busy today…

Eastern Yellow Robin – Photo from Birds in Backyards

Our eastern yellow robins are busy nest building today. I have snapped a couple of photos on my phone for you to enjoy. The eastern yellow robins are a Climatewatch species so if you see them around – record the sighting on the website or on the handy app!

IMG_3297 IMG_3299

Eastern Yellow Robin nest

Eastern Yellow Robin nest

Our resident grey shrike thrushes are also nesting again – same time every year! A gorgeous little clutch of spotty eggs on our back balcony.


2 Comments on “The birdies are busy today…

  1. I envy you your job when you get to enjoy such beauty every day, and to be able to work in a place where critters can share the space. Thanks for putting me into the app. I’m pretty sure I get these guys at home in Faulconbridge.

    • Hi Ruth, How are you going? Yes I am very lucky and I hope you find some robins around Faulconbridge! There are plenty of other climatewatch species to record too. Enjoy. Steve.

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