Writers in the Environment Camp 2014 photo journal

48 budding young authors have descended on Brewongle for 3 days of creativity and fun. Schools have sent their best literary types to meet famous authors, complete writing workshops, write aplenty and enjoy the usual array of awesome camp activities.

As I am feeling distinctly average as a wordsmith amongst this fine company, today I will post a photo journal. I may post some of the writing that emerges from the students over the following days.

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15 Comments on “Writers in the Environment Camp 2014 photo journal

    • You are most welcome Kate! More posts on the way of todays creative endeavours. Steve

    • Thanks for your comment Amamda – yes they are a lucky bunch and are having a ball today with our authors. More blogs on the way. Steve.

  1. Great photos, thanks for posting! Looks like they’re all working hard and having lots of fun.

    • Hi Tracie, they are a lovely bunch of students and still having a good time. I am about to post about Thursdays exploits.

  2. So greatful for the opportunity and thankful to the amazing stuff and teachers who made every student there feel welcomed and us parents informed.

    • You are welcome Yalda. I have just posted some more photos for you all. Steve.

  3. Thank you for looking after our Mt Riverview children, they had a wonderful time.

    • Hi Julie, I am glad they had a great time – we certainly enjoyed having them! Thanks for the feedback. Steve.

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