Dragon diagnostics at White Leeds Station – Outback Outreach 2014 Part 2

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Wall to wall blue skies, enthusiastic, skilled students and a beautiful wetland setting just 2km outside Broken Hill made for a brilliant day of outdoor studies. We met Burke Ward PS, Alma PS and Railway Town PS students, staff and parents for a day of “Dragon Diagnostics” at White Leeds Station. There is much more than just mining in Broken Hill!

With Kellys Creek and some majestic but very young river gums as a backdrop, students ate up our smorgasbord of activities. Our theme this year was investigating the Inland Bearded Dragon and students rotated through a GPS treasure hunt challenge with Longneck Lagoon EEC, the always fun water quality analysis and dipnetting with Wambangalang EEC and habitat iMovie making with Brewongle EEC.

We were very impressed with the motivation and knowledge of all the students and we all came out more aware of this cool reptile (we did not see any unfortunately!) and its habitat requirements, threats and food sources.

Thanks to Travis Nadge and White Leeds Station for providing a fantastic venue for our day and a HUGE thank you to the students and staff of the attending schools.

The day was topped off for us with a visit to the old mining town of Silverton (best known as the setting for the Mad Max films) and the stunning lookout over the Mundi Mundi plains. We watched the earth turn and the sun set over a vast plain that made me feel just a trifle insignificant and extremely grateful for this incredible planet we live on.


2 Comments on “Dragon diagnostics at White Leeds Station – Outback Outreach 2014 Part 2

  1. Sounds like a fun day was had by all and what a great location! Wish I was there!

    • Hi Brett – yes it was a great day – brilliant location. Maybe a Cherrybrook Outback excursion in the future?!

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