Goats, mines and ABC Radio – Outback Outreach 2014 part 1

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Our annual migration to western New South Wales is under way. We have just driven from the Sydney basin clean across this huge state of ours to Broken Hill. I love how NSW unfolds itself (literally) as you leave behind the creases of the Great Dividing Range and head into the west. Dubbo marks the last of any significant relief in the topography until you have paid your dues on the long flat roads to Nyngan, Cobar and Wilcannia. After that the stony hills of Broken hill emerge over the never ending horizon and seem somehow small under the yawning sky above.

View this blog online to see a slideshow of our travels. The photos are worth a squizz!

The long and not so winding roads of western NSW drill you through some amazing vegetation, degradation and plenty of goats. Between Nyngan, Cobar and Wilcannia, herds of nonchalant feral goats graze by the roadside and wreak obvious havoc on the local landscape. The hard hoofs and large appetites were denuding much of the grasses, herbs and shrubbery that only became more plentiful after we crossed the Darling River at Wilcannia and encountered less goats.

Each year several EEC’s team up to bring our enviro ed roadshow to the bush and engage as many students as we can some form of ecological or sustainability education. This year Longneck Lagoon EEC and Brewongle made up the Western Sydney contingent and we picked up Wambangaland EEC from Dubbo on the way. Broken Hill schools are our target and we are ready for a few days of examining the unique White Leeds Wetlands just outside the mine tailings mountains of southern Broken Hill.

A rogue tweet from Longneck Lagoon EEC landed us in the local ABC radio studios to discuss our adventures (I guess having some news other than mining in Broken Hill is exciting). It was excellent to be able to discuss our planned curriculum based ecology programs over the airwaves.

Stay tuned for the next blog installment as we meet the students of Broken Hill and study the reptile habitat in some unique water cleansing wetlands in this dry dry land.



4 Comments on “Goats, mines and ABC Radio – Outback Outreach 2014 part 1

  1. What an exciting journey! I look forward to reading of your travels. Great photos too.

    • Hi Ruth, thanks for your comment. I am just writing a new post of our exploits today – enjoy!

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