Plenty of Possums for Tyndale Christian School

A Lace Monitor

The year 9 students of Tyndale Christian School in Blacktown were treated to a plethora of arboreal delights this week. Using our nest box cameras they explored various habitat boxes around Brewongle for signs of life. During their testing they discovered four possums, some feathers, nests, goanna scratchings, animal scats, clean water and a healthy forest  The students were enjoying our Lace Monitor science program for stage 5. This program encourages students to gather data on our local ecosystems here at Brewongle. The students then have to decide whether Brewongle has sufficient habitat and food sources to support a population of Lace Monitor lizards (also called Goanna’s.)

One video below shows some of the wildlife that the students captured on film and the other provides details on the Lace Monitor – one of the coolest predators in the forest.


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