School of Ants!

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We were excited to discover last week that the School of Ants Australia project is now up and running through the University of New England in Armidale. As we are total nature nerds here at Brewongle we lept at the chance to partake in some citizen science about ants. As I write this I am monitoring our experiment outside. The benefits of a laptop and a wifi connection mean that I can multi-task (just…). I am making sure that local birds don’t steal the baits for our ants.

Our ant baits

Our ant baits

It has just started to rain so our experiment may be thwarted…..

This is a project the we are hoping to run with students that visit us and help UNE with their research at the same time. This is what citizen science is all about. I know I have been harping on about this for a while – for good reason! Schools can easily participate in the School of Ants – no science expertise required – you just follow some easy instructions, place out some baits, collect some ants and send them off for identification. Easy peasy! They also provide resources to aid your teaching …

By the way, the rain was minimal and we did manage to collect some data and ants for the experiment.


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