World Environment Day Shenanigans


What did you do for World Environment Day? If your school had an event or participated in something I would love to hear about it and put it up on this blog!

Brewongle was involved in a fantastic event with about 70 primary school students from public schools around the Hawkesbury area. We all descended on the Earthcare Centre at the University of Western Sydney Richmond Campus for an inspiring day of sustainability. Well done Vicky Whitehead from Longneck Lagoon EEC for organising such a superb event.


Students moved through various workshops during the day. These were provided by Longneck Lagoon EEC, Brewongle EEC, UWS, Windsor High, The Hawkesbury Environment Network, Hawkesbury City Council and the Earthcare Centre.

After building worm farms, learning about compost, planting broccoli, testing soils, riding energy bikes, making low energy smoothies, discovering other great school sustainability projects, looking at low waste lunches and many others, students did a waste audit on all rubbish from the day and then began planning sustainability strategies to implement back in their own schools.

Judging by the plans produced, worm farming was a hit and many students plan to make vege beds and compost heaps as well.

We are looking forward to a video conference later in the year and hearing of each schools progress as they implement their plans.


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