Comleroy Rd Public School is Climate Clever

Comleroy Rd PS sits astride a ridge near Kurrajong with fantastic views towards the Blue Mountains and Wollemi Wilderness areas. A perfect backdrop for a visit from Brewongle staff to begin the Climate Clever Energy Savers program. Comleroy Rd PS are one of many schools statewide who are currently embarking on the Climate Clever program. Students develop plans of action to reduce electricity use in their schools and apply for fundign to implement their projects. This fantastic student led learning program is into its 5th year of success.

Under clear autumn skies and brilliant sunshine year 5 & 6 students shared their knowledge of climate change science and electricity use before completing a comprehensive school energy audit. By assessing what are the major electricity users within the school, students can then decide on strategies to reduce energy use and their carbon footprint.

Along the way we also cooked some delicious garlic bread in our solar ovens and had a great time building and racing solar cars. Students also enjoyed the ‘Tour de Amps’ on our energy bike. We were mightily impressed with the enthusiasm and skills of the students and look forward to reading their proposal to reduce energy use in their school.


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