Why does a blue tongue lizard have a blue tongue?

Nov-13 (4) (640x424)

The lovely year 1 students of Shelley Public School in Blacktown answered this question and many others when we visited their school earlier this week. Our resident blotched blue tongue lizard called Nessy mysteriously escaped into the grounds at Shelley Public School (twice!) and the students had quite a job to track her down.

Using their enthusiasm and skills the students identified the best habitat for blue tongues around their school to help us find Nessy. They also discovered worms, ants, small spiders, centipedes, snails and other bugs as we searched for food sources for Nessy. Luckily we found the cheeky adventurous lizard and all was well. To celebrate we made clay lizards in her likeness!

So, why is their tongue blue? To scare away nasty predators of course! Nessy will hiss and stick out her vivid blue tongue to scare aware birds like kookaburras. They also have the ability to drop their tail if attacked – this may save their life! Clever lizard.

If you would like to have us visit your school with this program called ‘Where is Nessy’ please call us on 4579 1136 to make a booking. You can find more information in the flyer below.

Flyer – Where is Nessy

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